How We’re Organised

Our Commitee

The Swan is managed by an elected committee of nine people. This committee is responsible for:

  • Managing the theatre’s finances
  • Planning the future direction of the theatre
  • Ensuring we meet the terms of our licences,
  • Ensuring we comply with statutory requirements on matters such as Health and Safety and Data Protection.

Co-ordinating Committee

  • Chairman – Mark Payne
  • Treasurer – Alison Maynard-Griffin
  • Secretary – Graham House
  • Facilities Manager – James Kneller
  • Marketing Manager – Adrian Harding
  • Artistic Manager – Robert Graydon
  • Committee Member – Annetta Broughton
  • Committee Member – Brian Williams
  • Committee Member – Ann Lee

Day-to-day Running

The day-to-day running of the Swan is in the hands of three teams of volunteers:

The Facilities Team is responsible for maintenance, repairs and development works for the building. The team is also responsible for all the Front of House services such as the bar and interval refreshments. Terms of Reference

The Artistic Team is responsible for planning each season’s stage productions, making sure we have a balanced selection of plays, and also ensuring that each show runs smoothly from the first audition, through the rehearsal period and into the final production. Terms Of Reference

The Marketing Team is responsible for publicising all our productions and also the Swan itself, and for everything to do with our membership.

Volunteers Required

  • Front-of-House Rota Co-ordinator

If you are interested, please contact