Charities supporting Crown Matrimonial

The Charity Night will be on Monday 10th July supporting Yeovil Heartbeat which was set up initially as a Cardiac Support Group in 1990 and registered as a charity in 1994.

Since its inception its principle aim has been to establish and maintain a cardiac rehabilitation service that provides support for both in-patients and out-patients at Yeovil District NHS Foundation Trust Hospital.  Through this service, patients who have suffered a heart attack, have had heart surgery or suffer from other heart related conditions, can undergo an individualised progressive programme of exercise and education whilst being monitored by specialist cardiac nurses and physiotherapists using a multi-disciplinary approach. Many people with heart problems experience a psychological barrier which they have difficulty in overcoming without support.  They are encouraged to exercise but fear that this may worsen their condition or even lead to further heart problems. The professional programme and multi-disciplinary approach which is fully supported by the Consultant Cardiologists, is designed to help individuals to return to their normal way of life as soon as possible. Participants at every level express a boost in their self confidence obtained, not just through the programme itself, but also as a result of their participation in the forum that it provides for them to discuss and learn about their personal doubts, worries, fears and problems and the chance to meet other people who have similar concerns. For more information, the charity can be contacted on 07834 322090 or email

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