Readings & Auditions

All readings and auditions are open to both members and non-members and take place at the Swan Theatre unless stated otherwise. Please note that should a non-member be offered a part he/she will be required to join the Swan and all cast and crew are expected to assist with support activities such as bar and Front-of-House for other productions.


Whistleblower by Adrian Harding

Production Dates 15th - 20th January

Director  Judith Baker

Summary of play

"Whistleblower" is a whodunit with a twist - there is no murder! It is a story of trust and mistrust, a story about when it is right to be honest and when it is necessary to deceive.

  It is 2014, and a UK company is finalising a tender to win a defence contract from a threatened African Republic.
If the company can't secure this contract, it may well go bankrupt.  The management team has decided that the company has to win the business to secure its future, but can only finalise the deal by making an illegal payment to the key decision maker.
How does the company ensure that it wins the business it needs to survive, whilst hiding it's breach of the international business code of ethics?  And what other secrets are under wraps at the company?
Someone inside the company has blown the whistle to the Serious Fraud Office. With the future of the company in the balance, the beleaguered management team are asking themselves, who would have done this, and why?

Reading: Monday 4th October at 7.30 pm

Auditions: Thursday 2nd November  at 7:30 pm

Character List to follow



Brontë by Polly Teale

Production Dates 12th - 17th March

Director Jess Payne

Summary of play

In Brontë we witness the real and imagined world of the Brontë sisters combine, as the three women are haunted by their own characters and imagination on stage. Isolated on the Yorkshire Moors, the play explores how the sisters use their loneliness, oppression and anger to create some of the most passionate works in literature, all as their brother Branwell turns to alcohol and poverty. Brontë is a modern and revealing look into the lives of three of the country's most treasured writers.

Reading: Monday 4thDecember at 7:30pm

Auditions: Thursday 7Th December and Sunday the 10th December both at 7:30pm

Character List

(The play includes multi-rolling so, excluding the sisters, the cast play more than one part. This will be cast after the auditions. All together there would be around 7/8 cast members. There is a lot of flexibility with age as the play goes forwards and backwards over a span of 25 years. This is also true of the characters whose ages differ as the sisters write different parts of their novels.)

Charlotte Brontë: (aged in the play between 9 - 32) Eldest daughter and author of "Jane Eyre"

Emily Brontë: (aged between 7 - 30) Middle sister and author of "Wuthering Heights"

Anne Brontë: (aged between 5 - 29) Youngest sister and author of "Tenant of Wildfell Hall"

Branwell Brontë: (aged 8- 30) Unsuccessful and bitter brother and alcoholic.

Patrick Brontë: (aged 48- 75) Father of the sister and Branwell. A Pastor.

Arthur Bell Nichols: (20/30s) Anne's husband and a curate. Anne was the only one to marry.

Rochester: (40s) The passionate and brooding principal character of Charlotte's "Jane Eyre"

Heathcliff: (20/30s) The dark and obsessive principal character of Emily's "Wurthering Heights"

Arthur Huntington: (any age) Drunk and abusive husband, character from Anne's "Tennant of Wildfell Hall

Cathy: (20s) Wilful and romantic principal character of Emily's "Wuthering heights"

Bertha: (20s/30s) Rochester's crazy secret wife from Charlotte's "Jane Eyre"

Mr Hedger: (any age)                                                                                       

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