The Swan Theatre Company presents

Single Spies
By Alan Bennett
Directed by Beryl Snadden

Saturday 10th to Friday 16th September (excluding Sunday 11th) @ 7.45pm

'An Englishman Abroad' is based on the true story of a meeting in Moscow between Coral Browne, an actress, and Guy Burgess, the notorious member of the 'Cambridge Five' who worked for the Soviet Union whilst with MI6. 'A Question of Attribution' is based on Anthony Blunt, another member of the 'Cambridge Five' and personal art advisor to the Queen. It portrays his interrogation by MI5 officers, his work researching and restoring art, and his relationship with Her Majesty.

This play is about real people, the roles are intriguing, the whole piece crafted masterfully by that master of observation and understatement, Alan Bennett. Dramatised by the BBC, the play won the 1992 BAFTA TV award for Best Single Drama, with Prunella Scales nominated for Best Actress.

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