The Swan Theatre Company presents

In Praise of Love
By Terence Rattigan
Directed by Robert Graydon

Monday 23rd to Saturday 28th January 2012 @ 7.45pm

For more than twenty years Sebastian and Lydia Crutwell have endured a marriage of cold hearts and restrained emotions. Lydia, an Estonian refugee and recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, seems unable to shake off thoughts of her traumatic past. Reserved and unemotional, Sebastian is seemingly preoccupied with his failed writing career and is permanently at odds with their son, Joey. Lydia contrives to keep her illness secret from her husband, unaware that he is fully in the picture and is mirroring her deception. A romantic history exists between Lydia and a fourth player, American Mark Walters. Over the course of two evenings, a series of heartbreaking revelations changes the façade of Lydia and Sebastian's relationship forever and we wonder what the future will hold now that the brittle truth is exposed. Underneath the façade we discover not cracks but a deep and touching breadth of mutual feeling which we were perhaps not expecting.

Doors open at 7.15pm.

Tickets still available for Monday Charity Night, Tues (3), Wed (10) Sat (23).







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