The Swan Theatre Company presents

Funny Money

By Ray Cooney

Directed by June Markham

Monday 9th - Saturday 14th November 2015

Jean is preparing a birthday dinner for her husband who is late coming home.  Good friends Betty and Vic are expected any minute.

When he does arrive, Henry is a changed man. Much to Jean's dismay, he wants to emigrate to Barcelona, the reason being that he has mistakenly picked up the wrong brief case which is stuffed with bundles of fifty pound notes.

If getting the money was easy, keeping it proves harder, as not one but two police Inspectors call and Henry, Betty and a bemused (and tipsy) Jean are forced into a frantic game of cat and mouse!  Will they manage to hang on to the money?  The cabby, cheeky Bill has the answer! This brilliant farce by Ray Cooney enjoyed a spectacular run at the Playhouse Theatre, London.

Doors open 7:15pm, show starts 7:45pm.

TICKETS (£10 & £9) ON SALE TO THE PUBLIC FROM  October 19th


Henry Perkins                   Roger Mumford
Jean Perkins                     Sarah Ambrose
Vic Johnson                       Robert Graydon
Betty Johnson                   Mary Buckle
Slater                                  Shaun Driver
Davenport                          Pete Fernandez
Bill                                       Chris White
Passer-by                          Pete Lemmy




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